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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> we are following breaking news this new and as a tragedy strikes in norton. a deadly fire takes the life of one woman and two children. others are also fighting for their life. 10uhbrianne carter joins us lie with the latest. >> as you can see behind me, firefighters are still on the
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scene trying to make sure all the fires are still out. they are also trying to determine what exactly started this. neighbors say this was a massive fire, coming through all of the windows. certainly an emotional day for p @s neighborho >> i just saw a fire, heard a big boom. >> authorities say one adult and two children are dead after the fire ripped through the town house. >> we tried to resuscitate them to no avail. >> firefighters say seven people were home when the fire began. authorities say the other adult@ and three other children were to hospital. me#
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>> meanwhile, newschopper 7 is over the scene of a two-car crash that happened in the 3100 block of patter mill road. two teenage boys were hurt in the crash. there were both in the same car. the driver of the other car was not hurt. breaking news as soon as it becomes available today. also today a showdown on a.d.c. sidewalk. a woman evicted from her home spends the night on the street with all of her belongings structuand stretching the block.
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>> it is not just one sidewalk we are talkin about. all of this that stretches for blocks. you can see out here this afternoon we have a number of movers. they have already filled up one truck and on to the second truck. they say in thq end they are probably looking at thousands and thousands of pounds worth of eath. -- woman's stuff. >> these are all items pulled from her house after her landlord evicted her for not paying rent for at least three months. she says after losing her job as a housekeeper, she has had no steady worker income for 2.5 years. helping free of charge, a local moving and storage company. workers said they did not expect to see this much better, but wanted to help because of her story.
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and she said she collected everything to send back her home country, venezuela. neighbors think it is possibly something more. >> i am so astounded. >> officers and city officials believe she is a hoarder. >> she admits this is not her first eviction. she says this is the largest. her roommate who was also a bit good says it has accumulated in two years and has a storage unit already fall. she would not speak about past episodes on camera. >> does not matter what people think. [inaudible] >> just to show you exactly how
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much stuff we're talking about, at the stretched all led down the street. these movers have made quite some progress out here. a number of agencies responded last night, including social workers. >> thank you. also new this noon, a man accused of killing a maryland state trooper will soon go on trial. found probable cause in the case against cerial williams. prosecutors said the shooting was after a dispute over a bill. the community is speaking out about that mysterious mystery ry of a neighbor. neighbors said the victim's name is jacki. they say she was in the process of moving to the eastern shore
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and only returned yesterday to get bargains. get bargáhápv she was a happy person, but her apartment was often the scene of noisy and violent arguments. in >> i know that has domestic issues. i heard them all the time, weekly. >> it does not appear to be a robbery, but we're still looking for a motive. >> detectives spent the evening searching for evidence, but so far there have been no arrests. a truck overturned at 5:30 a.m. in maryland. this was near west water's stisville road. the driver of the truck was taken to $ospital with an unknown injuries. today we're saying goodbye to summer, but the summer's heat is not going away yet. and >> another scorcher on the y
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with temperatures reaching near 90 degrees. we do have a system north of us, bringing us a chance for isolated and thunderstorms later on this afternoon. temperatures across the area have warmed up quickly. we are well into áhe 80's. our forecast for this afternoon will calls for highest just sat near 90 degrees. we will talk about the chance for thu'derstorms and the possibility for breaking the record for the most number of 90 degree days in one year, all of that in just a few minutes. >> with the mercury climbing, we are close to eclipsing an all- time record. d.c. will break to record for the number of 90 degree-days if we can hit 90 five more times this year. part of the region is suffering from a significant drop, which is empowered and some farms west
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of washington. the abc 7 whether to intel says it has been the fourth hottest summer on record in the united states. -- the abc 7 weather team says it has been the fourth hottest summer on record in the united states. someone spray-painted as many as seven of their billionv. the suspects soltole paper tags. >> i do not know what to say. they targeted the company ve$icles. it had to be some kind of acts of retaliation for something. i do not really know at this point. >> the security cameras in the area were not working. so far, no word on whether police have any leads at all. president obama will take his health care message to northern virginia this afternoon. he will stop by a false church
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home for a factor discussion with local families about health care and the patient's bill of rights. -- he will stop by a falls church helmut 48 backyard discussion wit$ local families about health care in the patient's bill of rights. insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to children based on a pre-existing conditions. >> consumers should talk to their human resources department or their insurance plan to make sure they are aware of when the changes actually occur. >> one unintended consequence of the law, there are reports of some major insurance companies will stop cove)ing children altogether. national support for the overall has declined since march, and democratic lawmakers have largely avoided the su!ject in
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their campaigns. the republicans have pledged to do all they can to chip away at the law. the man in gamez and demand accounts of decision making and said the bush white house has a new book coming out. it is called "obama wars." >> the book hit like a bombshell. is that the new book portrays presidq't obama seeking an urgent way at of afghanistan, then i want an exit strategy. the books as he pressed top advisers for withdrawal date, and when he did not get one, he drew one of himself, saying he could not afford to lose the democratic (arty support for the war. >> a while he promised change,
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it really is not that different of previous politics. tickets the book also says that richard holbrooke says it cannot work. -- >> the book also says the richard holbrooke says it cannot work. >> the book will give us insight into how the president has really handle d both wars in afghanistan and let on the issues. >> in another disclosure, what were reports that the afghan president has been diagnosed as manic depressive and being treated with it with medication. >> the book is not even out yet, and the white house responded saying it makes the present outlook and political, strategic, and decisive. a blow to democrats tried to repeal the ban on gays serving
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openly in the military. they blocked a provision that would have repealed do not ask, do not tell. a virginia woman is set to die tomorrow night. late yesterday the supreme the scheduled exq(uáion of to resell the west. and- teresa louis. she was convicted in the 2002 mu)der for hire scheme that left her husband and stepson dead. she will be the first woman to be executed in virginia and nearly a century. coming up at noon, accusations of abuse. and now a mega-church pastor is fighting back. how much are the bombs on the road costing your car? a new report you will want to cheer about.
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hurricane igor comes onshore and canada. all of that and the latest on the war
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>> the pastor of a 25,000 member church is accused of seducing young men in his church. long is one of america's most famous of african american preachers. dr. martin luther king jr. said dundas daughter is part of the clergy. -- daughter is part of the clergy.
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>> he has a relationship with different times at different places with whoever he wants. >> is a turn at -- his attorney adamantly denied accusations. >> canadian residents are drying out after each work and went ashore. -- after igor came onshore. elderly man may have been swept away in the floods when his driveway collapsed. so many roads were flooded. the storm dumped several inches of rain. >> we have talked about this for 16 days. finally in the sizzling out. this will go down as the fourth hottest summer for the united states on record.
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>> we have to it 90 five more times. >> it looks like we'll do that today, tomorrow, and friday. looking outside at this all work, it is quiet aq)y right now. a little bit hazy with the humidity. you will ñefinitely notice it, especially compared to yesterday and the day !efore when it was beautiful and drive. the skies are beginning to cloud up just a little bit. e will see potentiac
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marshall is 90 degrees.+ actual tempers to the north of us, a bit cooler. as you head towards the south, really starting to heat up. 81 at reagan national airport. a comfortable 67 in chicago. this is the frontal system that will come across the area for the afternoon and evening hours. a slight chance for around 5:00 to 8:00 this evening for the immediate metro. isolated thunderstorms state in near 94 a high with winds at of the south southwest. tonight the winds will diminish. lower 70's for the district. tomorrow looking hot and humid.
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partly cloudy skies. temperatures are remain above average, and then the weekend, a welcome change with highs in the 70's. autumn will try to make it. high tide for alexandria. >> good to have you here. the ride to work is getting a little bumpier. 24% of the nation's major roads have pavement and poor conditions. those cost the average driver $402 per year. and the study puts baltimore on the top 10 list. 46% of the pavement in poor condition. time to leave the car at home for drivers in d.c. and around the country.
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many are celebrating car-free day. driving alone drop from 71% down to 64% in 2001. and transit use climbed from 3% of to 6%. coming up, advancing with a star shocker. the first celebrity booted. no one expected this. an egg farmer gets ready to tell congress he is sorry. is the supply safe now? later on oprah, held captive in the jungle for six yea)s. and as an oprah exclusi ♪ storyteller: hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle the cow jumped over the moon. then quickly fell back to earth, landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily, geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance.
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home. not even host: could predict the first elimination of the season. >> leaving right now is david and kim. he only got to dance once before he danced off into the sunset. and already the rest of the stars are getting back to work. they are trying to prepare for next week's show. seven is on your side right now with the latest salmonella scare. the owner of the iowa 8 a)m at the center of the investigation is testifying before 8 panel. he said he was horrified to learn that his eggs may have sickened more than 1000 people. he believes an ingredient from the supplier may be to blame. @ federal investigators have a diffe)ent opinion.
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>> they found a host of conditions that contributed to contamination of the egg. >> the fda says they are confident the recall was affected that in preventing more illnesses. still ahead, steve is back with a final look a >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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visitors to the state fair in massachusetts are sinking their teeth into a new diet-
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busting treat -- fried butter. they are whip into balls, trapping them and a dip into grease to fry them. >> they did not show a picture of her either. >> it probably all melts. let's take a look at what is going on outside. and 90 degrees wednesday, thursday, and friday. saturday and sunday wi&l be cooler temperatures. >> indeed for joining us. we will see you back here at [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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